Who am I ?

Nice to meet you, fellow artbook enthusiast.

My name is Sébastien, I’m 33, I’m french. I love art, especially “beaux-arts” like drawing or painting.

On this website, you will find my whole collection of artbooks. There are some about video games and others about anime or manga. I strive to bring you every piece of information I have about the artbooks I am showing to you: like the ISBN numbers, the date of publishing etc. I hope it will be helpful for you.

The point of So Artbooks is to show big and beautiful pictures of what is inside the books. I won’t show you all pages because it would probably be illegal, but just enough to make you want to buy them. Why am I doing that? Because I never found such a website before… therefore, since I suppose that I’m not the only one in that case, I made this website for you and for me. I hope you will enjoy your journey among my artbooks.

In video games, there are a lot of artists that work on illustrations or character design. Some of them have an impressive talent that moves me. I can feel all the work they give and as an illustrator, even amateur, I can relate.

To me, a good Artbook is one with a lot of sketches and research works. As an amateur of Beaux-art, I really prefer classic painting instead of CG Painting, but without denigrating it. When I’m looking for an artbook, that’s what I’m looking for. If I don’t find it, I favor rare artbooks or with a very interesting content. I also prefer artbooks with hardcover and in A4 format.

Why am I doing this website in English even though I’m French ? Because I think there is no boundary in Art, and English is the most accessible language throughout the world.


Special thanks:

  • Antoine for his technical help ;
  • Julie and Reuben for their proofreading.