Valkyria Chronicles Development Artworks
Sébastien April 5, 2013

This is the Artbook of the first Valkyria Chronicles released on Playstation 3. The book is huge ! With a lot of works, roughs and illustrations ! I really love this one ! I didn’t finish the game because I’m stuck in a hard level 🙁 ! Anyway, I really enjoy the artistic direction of the game. Characters look like they are drawn by hands and I appreciate that.

There is height parts in this artbook : Story, Characters, Weapon Machine, Military affaires and Natural History, Geography, Illustration, Preproduction, and Interview.

There is a huge amount of drawings in there ! Some of them are pencil-made drawings and others are finished illustrations. There is a lot of information about characters, places,  story etc. Unfortunately, I don’t understand japanese and I really need to learn it ! I was a little bit surprised when I saw some drawings of boys and girls in swimsuits or underwear because it’s not the the kind of thing I expected here. Fortunately, it’s rare (maybe 5-10 drawings).


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