The Eyes Of Bayonetta 2
Sébastien March 1, 2015
  • ISBN-10: 4048690713
  • ISBN-13: 978-4048690713
  • Number of pages: 207
  • Year of publication: December 20, 2014
  • Publisher: KADOKAWA
  • Last known price: ¥ 3,500 (~$US29)
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I was very disappointed when I realized that I missed “The Eyes of Bayonetta”, the artbook for the first game. The artbook is still available, but in English, and I prefer to own the original versions of artbooks. The Japanese version can be found on eBay or Amazon, but at a high price.

This time around, as soon as I heard that “The Eyes of Bayonetta 2” was announced, I didn’t lose a second, and preordered it immediately! I’m a big fan of PlatinumGames, and Bayonetta made me love the beat ’em up genre. Well… I really only love this game. 🙂

This book is as great as I expected! I would prefer a hardcover, but oh well. There are a loooot of research works, rough drawings, black and white sketches, and also definitive illustrations. I couldn’t imagine a better book for this game I love so much. This is exactly the content I’m hoping for when I open an artbook, especially with such a strong franchise.

The artbook contains 5 sections: Characters, Enemies, Artwork, Imageboard, and Extras. Don’t worry, the whole book is full of awesome content! I really appreciate it.

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