The Art Of Bioshock 2 – Deco Devolution
Sébastien April 15, 2013

In the biggest collector’s edition of Bioshock 2, there were an artbook in real format, I mean in A4 format (actually, it’s a little bit smaller than A4). This is the size I like, the size I prefer. Indeed, I’m still angry about the A5 or smaller size of artbooks. It’s not respectful for the people who drawn because we can’t appreciate correctly the results of their work.

Bioshock have a particular background. and this artbook is perfectly makes us feel it. There are 168 pages of roughs, final illustrations, explaination about characters etc. The eighth part of this book contains a bunch of advertising you can see into the game.  There are 10 parts in the artbook : Citizens, Highlights, Big Sisters, Little Sisters, Bakckgrounds, Weapons, UI, Ads in Rapture, Storyboard, and Credit (I translated it from french, so, I apologize if it’s not the international translations).

This book is only avalaible in the collector’s edition of the game, but somes people sell it on Amazon or eBay.


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