Bravely Default

August 2, 2015
Bravely Second Design Works – The Art Of Bravely – 2013-2015 premium
Even if the game is not released yet here in Europe, the first episode was a very good surprise for me. Ok, I was angry at the four of five loop in time you have to do in the game but I really enjoyed the overall Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. Do you know that I […]
September 7, 2014
BRAVELY DEFAULT Design Works THE ART OF BRAVELY 2010-2013 premium
When I bought the collector’s edition of Bravely Default, I got the artbook included with it. It was a cool book that you can see here, on So Artbooks. I didn’t think that any other artbook had been released since then, so I never looked for one. However, when I was browsing my usual bookstore, I […]
April 16, 2013
Bravely Default Deluxe Artbook premium
This is the artbook included in the european collector’s edition. This artbook is hardcover with only 34 pages. The quality of the paper is very good, very thick. 34 pages seem very light but the pieces of art inside it are very beautiful : it’s totally what I like ! Some researches works or painted […]