Tactics Ogre: The Wheel of Fortune (Unmei no Wa) Art Works
Sébastien September 10, 2014
  • ISBN-10: 4757532182
  • ISBN-13: 978-4757532182
  • Number of pages: 232
  • Year of publication: May 19th, 2011
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Last known price: ¥ 2,800 (~US$ 27)
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I know Tactics Ogre for a while. But the first time I played this game was when it was released on PSP, a few years ago. I found the game a little bit hard ; that’s what I like. I was lucky to receive the original Tarot game from Square Enix thanks to my blog. This game is no longer avalaible I guess, and may be expensive on Internet.

In this Artbook with a hardcover, you’ll find 6 parts :

  • Main Visual Images
  • Class Images
  • Character Design Works
  • World Setting & Scenery Works
  • Let Us Cling Together Arcives & Creators Interview

Globally, this is a very good Artbook with a lot of research works (about 80 pages) and a lot of final illutrations. It’s a quiet well balanced.  You’ll probably find all importants works on eacch character, and you know how much they are!

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