Guilty Crown Visual Collection
Sébastien April 7, 2013

This artbook is not very an artbook : it’s a collection of full-page illustrations on A4 cards. All pages are tear-off and can be used as a poster. Unlike the cover, the illustrations are not “sexy”. There is just one or two suggestive position and just the last page where there is an illustration of nudes girls. I like how it’s drawn, and the colors : there is a really interesting use of it, even if it’s digital paintings. I mean that I feel a sort of hope in those colors.

I know Guilty Crown but I still don’t have watched it ! I have to buy the Blu-Ray(s) to catch up my late ! The box of this product is very thick. It contains a waterproof poster illustrated with the drawing we see on the cover. I won’t put it on my bathroom but I guess it’s an interesting thing for “Otaku”, maybe…