Fire Emblem: Awakening Setting Materials: Knights of Iris
Sébastien September 14, 2014
  • ISBN-10: 4048866941
  • ISBN-13: 978-4048866941
  • Number of pages: 319
  • Year of publication: December 7th, 2012
  • Publisher: ASCII MEDIA WORKS
  • Last known price: ¥ 3,800 (~US$ 36)
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Fire Emblem is a well-known franchise. I’ve never played any of the games, but I’m sure I will in the future.

This artbook, once again, is a very good one! There are a lot of research works, final illustrations, and various other information. I really appreciate this kind of artbook. There are seven sections in the book:

  • Official Illustration Gallery
  • Concept Art Works
  • Event Illustration Gallery
  • Players Voice
  • Character Profile
  • Scenario Archives
  • Lines Of Characters

I liked the second and third parts the most. I really loved all of the research works, rough artwork, etc. I can really understand and appreciate how the characters were created. I also liked the first part with all of the final illustrations of the different characters from the game. This artbook is filled with so much content!

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