Final Fantasy The Sky – Amano (slipcase edition)
Sébastien April 20, 2013

I was very sad when I learned that I missed the first edition of this over-limited Artbook. Indeed, Dark Horse released the first edition of “The Sky” in a very limited quantities. It was so limited that a lot of people’s order on Amazon were canceled. Those people were very disappointed and I can understand them. Dark Horse screw this time.

When I heard that a second edition will be released, I was very happy. Even if there is not collector’s items from the first edition, there is three beautiful books with a hardcover. Obviously, those three books gather all Final Fantasy works, from the first to the first to the twelfth : the first book contains works of Final Fantasy I to III, the second from Final Fantasy IV to VI, and the last one from Final Fantasy VII to X.

I really love Amano’s works because he use watercolor, like I do. He have a very particular style that is immediately recognizable. This is the mark of an artist. By reading those three book,  we clearly see the progression of Yoshitaka Amano : he is more precise and inspired today.