Catherine Venus Mode Artbook
Sébastien April 22, 2013

Catherine is a very ambiguous game. It plays with bounds with sex but the game is never vulgar. It’s a kind of puzzle game, but it wasn’t so obvious when I saw trailers. Moreover, somme puzzles are really hard ! I was stuck for a long time in this game. But behind all of that, there is a real story. A little bit weird one, but funny.

This Artbook is good, with a lot of text and  some pretty artworks. There are 160 pages, but there are many pages with a part of the storyboard of the game. The book is splitted in five chapters : Visual, Theater, Cast, Nightmare, and Concept. The “Theater” part is the one with storyboards.  The first part contains very interesting illustrations. This is where you’ll see that Katherine has only four toes on her left foot 😀 (As you can see in one of the pictures there) ! I’m sure it’s a mistake but I found it very funny ! Finally, there is a lot of roughs at the end of the book.

The quality of the paper is not very good, but acceptable. Indeed, the paper is a kind of granular paper which is strange.


  1. I wasnt even aware there was an artbook for this , can you be a bit specific about the paper sebastien like how much gsm is it ? And how many pages is it ? Im sure you are aware of this ,the collectors edition had a lot of exclusive , this however was not included. In the end i think an “Off beat game gets an off beat art book”

    1. Hi ISSAK,

      Thanks for your comment !

      There is 160 pages. When I say “the paper is not very good” I mean that it’s a little bit rough, granular… It’s weird but it’s thick enough ! It’s maybe 100-110g/m² but it’s not indicated :(.

      I hope I asnwered you as you wish !

      Kind regards,


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