Bastard Guardress 萩原一至 Illustrations
Sébastien February 16, 2014
  • ISBN-10: 4087820076
  • ISBN-13: 978-4087820072
  • Number of pages:
  • Year of publication: 1995 (1st edition)
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Last known price: US$5 (2nd hand) US$79,95 (new)
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I wandered into Paris between Châtelet and Opéra with a friend when I suddently walk before this library that I know. This japanese library only sold second hand books, CD, video games etc. (as far as I know) but it generally a little bit more expansive than Internet. But it’s a good opportunity to see from our own eyes what a lot of stuff look like. I knew they sell second-hand artbooks but I usually don’t find something that please me, until this time !

Indeed, I found this artbook of Bastard!! and Guardress manga/anime. I knew that Bastard!! was a manga but I thought it was about boxing… don’t ask me why 😀 ! But When I quickly looked into this book, I understand that it’s not the case. And at the first sight, I didn’t see the nude parts of some illustrations. I should have understand when I saw the name of the illustration book “NUDE”.

By the way, this box contains two books : one about illustrations, and a second that is actually a comic of…. I don’t know… either Bastard!! or Guardress. The most surprising thing for me was the price : 5€ ! I also know that the common price for this piece is about $5 on a lot of website.

The illustration book is totally what I love : handmade illustrations, handmade colors (well… it seems so), some researches works etc. There is also some annotation. I enjoy a lot this Artbook, which is a good surprise for me !


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